Young Leaders Summer Camp Program



Bailey Bingham is one of the lucky young Meridian Members who has had the opportunity to spend a week at one of the Ontario Co-operative Association's CYL summer camp programs designed to bring your people ages 14–18 together from all across Ontario to learn about and practice communication and co-operative leadership through co-operative activities.

CYL camp program has all the things that make summer camp fun—hikes, campfires, swimming, volleyball. But CYL camp offers so much more! Kids will learn how to be a leader and a team player—how to co-operate, solve problems, and improve their survival skills. And unlike many other summer camps, kids have a say in what happens. As a group, the kids help decide on social activities, sports, and the rules and regulations of their stay.
The goals of the CYL program are:

  • to provide young people with a fantastic summer camp experience

  • to develop leadership and communication skills and foster self-confidence

  • to create a stronger awareness of co-ops and co-operative principles.

Total cost per participant ranges from $590 to $715; however, each participant is only responsible for paying $160, with the balance being sponsored by Meridian Credit Union.

This camp experience is offered by applications available each spring through Meridian branches.

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07/07/2009 11:26 PM

Bailey Bingham

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