100 Women who Care – a simple and efficient concept

100 Women who Care – it’s a very simple concept but one that has an  immediate, direct and positive effect in local communities.

One hundred women (or more) get together from the Grey-Bruce area who care about local community causes, and who are passionate about community support.

The group meets only four times a year for 1 hour each meeting and jointly selects a local charity or not-for-profit organization serving the Grey-Bruce area to donate to. Each woman then writes a $100 cheque directly to the selected organization.

The total yearly commitment from each woman is just 4 hours, $400 and a desire to be part of a group that contributes $40,000 a year to organizations in the Grey-Bruce area. 

The 100 Women Concept – Simple and Efficient:

  • Each Member commits to donating $100 per meeting, four times a year.
  • Meetings are diligently conducted in one hour or less.
  • Any member who has signed a commitment form and who is current with her donations may submit an Organization Nomination Form to nominate an organization for consideration at a meeting.
  • The nominating members of three randomly selected organizations will make a five minute presentation about the organization to the group and a Q&A session will follow.
  • Each member who has signed a commitment form and who is current with her donations may vote (by ballot) for one of the three organizations.
  • Each member will write a cheque for $100 to the organization receiving the most votes.
  • Members will receive a tax receipt directly from the organization.
  • Members who are unable to attend a meeting are expected to give her cheque to another Member to deliver on her behalf.
  • Organizations under consideration must serve the Grey/Bruce area and provide individual tax receipts directly to contributing members.
  • The selected organization must agree not to give out member information to any third parties except for tax purposes.

The group is always looking for new members who want to make a difference in their communities.  For more information, visit


In early August, the group presented a donation of $4,000 to Home and Community Support Services, Meals on Wheels program. They were delighted to receive the donation and noted it will make a tremendous impact to the people who utilize their services.