2018 SDSS Graduation Class

Chelsea O’Neil, Krissandra Sturgeon, Bryanna Cowan, Elspeth Irwin & Raquel Casal-Fernandez
Alexander George, Ziib Cameron, Rahni Shabnan & Sarita Ahmed
A Family Affair of three generations (L) Bob and Rhonda Harrison, Olwid Hestera, Sytra Hestera, Victoria Vance and Jackson Hestera
Trevor Donaldson, Sasha Morano, Kent Ribey, Lily Freiburger and Cam McEwen

The 2018 Grade 12 graduates carried on the long-standing tradition of ‘formal wear’ photos on Port Elgin Beach on June 27th.

Family and friends gathered to take photos and many of them remembered the time when they did the same thing.

Following the photo session, the students headed off to Saugeen Golf & Country Club for the annual dance organized by the students.