Ten year scholarship program for Saugeen First Nation students

CRG Energy has announced a 10-year $30,000 Saugeen First Nation Indigenous Nuclear Scholarship.

(L)Mindy Gill-Johnson(Saugeen First Nation Education Administrator), Anna Goncalves, Jolene Koch, Sara Harper, Sebastien Garneau, Chief Lester Anoquot – (Missing from photo: Kristy Garneau)

The CRG Energy Indigenous Nuclear Scholarship will run from 2021-2031. The scholarship will focus on students from the Saugeen First Nation who are enrolled in their first year of post-secondary education in the trades or apprenticeship programs.

“The CRG Energy Indigenous Nuclear Scholarship will provide an opportunity for our youth to explore and expand their educational horizons, providing them with a future of hope and opportunity,” said Chief Lester Anoquot.

The scholarship program is designed to increase the number of indigenous professionals and role models in the local community to further the potential for employment in our local nuclear industry. We hope our support will help open some resources especially during these difficult times due to COVID-19.

“We feel the importance of an education or trade within the Nuclear industry is a potential benchmark for success, and we want to encourage and support those local indigenous youth pursuing higher learning,” said Kristy Garneau, CRG Energy Vice-President/Co-Founder. “Whether or not these students work for or through CRG Energy on contract in the future, we hope they can explore a career in the local nuclear field.

At CRG Energy, we embrace the opportunity to contribute to the strength and sustainability of the communities where we work and live. We believe that investing in education creates a strong foundation for a bright future.”

All interested applicants for the Indigenous Nuclear Scholarship should email or call Mindy Gill-Johnson, Education Administrator at Saugeen First Nation to learn more about the application process and the qualifications for the program: mindy.gill@saugeen.org or call 519-797-2781.

About CRG Energy:  CRG Energy is a family-owned company that provides a range of services to the nuclear industry in Canada. It opened its Kincardine office in 2012. CRG is recognized for its industry leading training services, management of independent contractors, on-boarding, and payroll services. We are proud to be supporting our clients in an industry that provides clean, reliable, low-cost nuclear power. Learn more at www.crgenergy.ca

About Saugeen First Nation:  Saugeen First Nation is located on the shores of Lake Huron. Saugeen Ojibway Nation is a collective of two communities: Chippewas of Saugeen and the Chippewas of Nawash. Saugeen Ojibway Nation (SON) is a progressive community with its numerous partnerships with the Energy sector. Namely, the Bruce to Milton Limited Partnership agreement, where SON owns 34 per cent of the transmission lines running to Milton, Ontario. They are licensed transmitters, while having the largest Nuclear facility in Canada within their Traditional Territory.