A benefit for a special little boy

On Saturday, November 2nd, there is a benefit for a very special little boy … Easton Botting.

Easton is only three years old but has had to undergo medical treatments that most would never experience in a lifetime, because of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Every Monday, the family heads to London (ON) where Easton has to have intravenous and spinal injections that are so painful he has to be placed under anesthesia.  This will continue for the next seven months.  But that’s not all.

He is also undergoing chemotherapy that will continue for at least 36 months.  Some weeks, while in London, they have to stay Monday to Friday for intravenous chemotherapy and bloodwork that has to be done every Friday.  After the seven months, the family heads into what is the ‘maintenance phase’ of chemo for two more years where chemo is administered at home with visits to London a few times a month.

If Easton develops any fever above 37.8 degrees, it means a 48-hour stay in hospital with antibiotics administered intravenously through a port-catheter inserted into his chest.

It’s not just a lot for a little guy of three to handle, it would be a lot for anyone to handle.

If that weren’t enough for the family to deal with, mom Alicia has also undergone treatment for lyme disease and is being monitored.

The one thing the family does have however, is support from family and friends.  On Saturday, November 2nd, at the Lakeshore Recreation Centre, they are holding a fundraiser to help the family and to help Easton.  “We know as Easton grows, he is going to have issues that will be different and we want to make sure he has supports in place to help him.”

      Family and friends gathered at the 2019 Terry Fox run for Cancer in support of little Easton Botting

Everyone is invited to “be a Super Hero” and come out for the evening that begins at 8:00 p.m. to, not only lend a helping hand to the family, but to also enjoy a silent auction, raffle prizes and live entertainment.