A daughter’s tribute to her mother 

They say that it only takes a little light to take away the darkness.  Sometimes, it only takes a little ladybug to create a smile.

To the Editor:

My mother has been leaving Ladybugs (started with stickers, then rocks, now painted pennies) all over Southampton since March 2020 in remembrance of her late mother whom many called Lady.
Last year, she also put up 12 fairy doors around Fairy Lake but all have now been destroyed. For the time they were up though, they brought a lot of happiness and fun to the trail and people who walked it.
Many children have now started painting their own rocks and leaving them around town, most on the boardwalk in Southampton from the flag to Jerry’s Fries.
For larger view, Click on Image
Just the other day, we put out over 150 painted pennies around town, and my mom gets such joy retracing her steps and noticing when some have been picked up. She calls them her “lucky pennies”.
Anyway, people are starting to notice the rocks and pennies and I’ve been seeing more and more photos uploaded to the ‘net.
I wanted to acknowledge her efforts in spreading happiness and love during these difficult times. She signs every rock and penny with GG … as she wants to remain anonymous.
For my Mom.
Editor’s Note:  Well, GG I, too, have seen these little gems when out ‘n’about and they do bring a smile.  In these troubled times, it’s sometimes the little things that make a difference.
PS … I am so sorry to hear that the fairies no longer have doors at Fairy Lake.