A message from Saugeen Shores Police Chief

I wish to extend my thanks to the residents of Saugeen Shores during these unprecedented times of the Covid-19 pandemic. People’s lives have been disrupted, businesses are in difficult positions, children are not able to attend school, our normal routine is not what it was a short while ago. Many essential service workers’ normal routines have also changed – grocery store employees, funeral services, hardware stores, construction workers, fire services, EMS and town staff, to name a few, conduct their day to day businesses in different ways than they had before. My sincere thank-you to these people who are making sure everyone has what we need.

The Saugeen Shore Police Service (SSPS) is also taking necessary precautions to make sure officers and the citizens we come in contact with are also protected. You will see officers wearing Personal Protection Equipment including N95 masks, gloves and protective eyewear, this is for your protection and ours to make sure we are always available for the community we serve.

The current situation with Covid-19 requires all residents to work together to protect everyone’s safety and security. The SSPS frontline officers and civilian members are working around the clock to make sure our community is safe.

In addition to answering our regular calls for service the SSPS has responded to over 100 calls for service directly related to Coivid-19. Between April 5th and 11th, we have responded to 59 Covid-19 calls for service, we have provided advice and education to 21 people about outdoor restrictions and to five people about gatherings of 5 or more. I am very pleased with the SSPS officers’ professionalism and response to all calls for service, including Covid-19 occurrences during these unprecedented times. The graduated enforcement approach that the SSPS is utilizing relating to Covid-19 occurrences has, to date, been met with 100% compliance and no occurrences have resulted in charges being proceeded with. We encourage all residents to report any breaches of the provincial or federal restrictions they witness to please call the SSPS at 519-832-2500 or Crime Stoppers at https://www.crimestop-gb.org

Again, thank-you to the residents of Saugeen Shores for your understanding and adherence to the provincial and federal restrictions during these difficult times.

Mike Bellai
Chief of Police