A mid-winter break of comedy in Southampton

Looking for something to take away the winter blues?  Then ‘A Red Plaid Shirt’ is the answer.

While some took it literally at the opening of the Bruce County Playhouse presentation of the play by Michael G. Wilmot and half the audience wore their red plaid shirts, the play itself was the answer.

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The comedy about retirement is cleverly written by Wilmot and hit home with a lot of the audience on opening night as they laughed uproariously at the quick ‘quips’ between the married retired couples.

Whether retired and the play was ringing a bell, or a younger generation who recognizes their parents or grandparents (and they will), the humour is for every age.

This is the first ‘winter’ production by the Bruce County Playhouse, known for its summer professional theatre, and has proven to be a hit, especially for those who are not snowbirds and wanting to see live theatre.

The four actors were perfectly cast.

Samantha Colwell-Castles returns as a seasoned comedic actor who starred in the 2019 production of Nunsense as Mother Superior.  Her ‘husband’, Kevin Haxell is both an accomplished actor and director and, together, they appeared as an ‘old seasoned couple’ bouncing lines off each other along with physical comedy that had the audience laughing.

Helen Armchuk, who has played in several productions including the 2012 production of ‘Table Manners’ and is herself retired, seemed to know the exact nuances that a retired wife would experience.  Matt Evans, her ‘husband’ was hilarious with his physical comedy related to his ‘hypochondriac’ symptoms that seemingly developed with his retirement.  Evans has appeared in Canadian film and, among many roles, was in the play on the life of Billy Bishop.

Together, the entire ensemble, were seamless in their portrayal of retired couples – the ups and downs of lost identity related to work, their constant ‘getting on each others’ nerves’ and the search for a mid-life crisis outlet.

A hilarious comedy that is certain to take away the winter blues and add a spark of life to February – ‘A Red Plaid Shirt’ is not to be missed.  For ticket information, Click on poster below.

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