A Mystery: Retrieving a lost manuscript

To the Editor:

In 2009, I opened the Pharmacy at Walmart in Port Elgin (ON).  It was very successful and I was there until 2018 when, due to illness, had to take time off.  I miss the customers a lot but health has to come first.

Pre-pandemic, I gave a draft of a book that I was writing to a young man who had writing skills and came into the store frequently and thought that we could team up and finish the story.

He is a young man with dark hair, medium to slender build and who works in the area.  Unfortunately, I do not know his name or where he lives.

There are hundreds of pages in this book and I would like to get it back to finish it.

The story?  It is about a chemist who does some genetic modifications on a species of Algae which results in a new species of neither animal nor plant and leads to some very interesting changes in the world.  The draft is several hundred pages long it will be even longer when finished.

There is a reward for the return of the draft book and a message can be left at the WalMart Pharmacy or Customer Service OR contact Peter at 519-832-8872.

Looking forward to any help …
Peter McElwain