A summer resident chooses to stay at home in the city

To the Editor:

Thanks so much for these weather videos!  As a summer cottager, I always enjoy seeing what’s happening with the weather, etc. in the winter in Southampton, and now, more than ever, will look forward to videos of lake huron and the area, especially after storms, as it is doubtful that we’ll be coming this summer, or even be able to come & check on our cottage.   Keep up the good work!

We have a cottage on the reserve (leased land) that we’ve had for 47 years.

(The Band [SON] has become very concerned and now has its own security detail and checkpoints and is not allowing any cottagers in to their summer cottages).

Our cottage association made us aware of this, and I am totally in agreement.   Can you imagine how overwhelmed the little towns would be with the summer influx of cottagers during this time.   I am from a small town also (2,500 pop) where it is difficult enough to do grocery shopping as it is.

We appreciate these (Capturing your Weather) videos so much.   I’m always able to judge how bad the erosion is when we see the pics by Capt. Spence trail down at the flag. With the high water levels, we always get a bit anxious wondering how our waterfront is handling it.

I see that Grey/Bruce has a weather warning out for high winds over Easter weekend … so, I’ll look forward to any pics that we see after this wind storm.

Thanks, Sandy,  Stay safe!

Betty & Wayne Chatterton