A tangible thank-you to Southampton Rotary for volunteer help

Martino Catalano showed his appreciation to Southampton Rotary Club for their volunteerism during the start of COVID-19 with a donation of $2,000 to the club.

“The volunteers helped us out greatly when the pandemic began,” says Catalano.  “Rotary members took turns and were here every day helping to sanitize carts prior to our customers using them.  They also helped with deliveries when we started our delivery service for those who did not want to come in to the store at that time.”

The initiative by the Club was started by Cathy Janveau and later Rotarian Bob Speight took over to help organize the volunteers.

                  (L-R) Rotarians Bob Speight and Caroline Messier, store owner Martino Catalano and                                                                                         Rotary President Jenny Amy