Acts of Kindness: Student Makes a Difference

Last year I received my personalized license plates in the mail. I attempted to remove my existing plates at the time but was having great difficulty.

I drove to Mowbray’s Canadian Tire in Port Elgin and found a store employee to help me switch my plates. This is not something that he had to do nor is it a service generally offered by Canadian Tire unless your car is in for service. This student spent at least 20 minutes attempting to change my plates for me. He was successful with the front plate but the hardware securing the back plate was rusted and would not budge!I should also mention that when I arrived at the store looking for help, this student employee was just ready to go for a break but he gave up that break and helped me!This young man’s act of kindness is something that I will not forget.  Not only was he very helpful, he was kind and respectful.Thank you so very much to Jared Kerr?

Sophia Caudle (Saugeen Shores)