Adventure Talks: Travel the world without leaving home

It’s a chance to escape the doldrums of winter, get out of the cold and travel the world without leaving home.

The Adventure Talk series at the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre (BCM&CC) features adventurers who travel the world and document their travels in photography.

The series brings stories from some of the world’s most unusual, unique and wondrous places.

On Wednesday, February 27th, Dr. Don Smith brought his travels throughout Mexico and its festivals and Mayan culture to a capacity audience at the Museum.

“The county is alive with festivals,” said Smith, “and the colours are incredible. Everywhere you go, there is a festival for something.”

One of the most colourful festivals is the ‘Dia de Los Muertos’ (Day of the Dead).  “It is an incredible festival that celebrates those who have died,” said Smith.  “The people decorate the graves of their deceased family members with masses of flowers, especially marigolds, and favourite items of their loved ones.  It is a happy time filled with music, flowers and food.”  The people believe that for the one night, the souls of their deceased family members return and enjoy the items left out for them, giving peace to the families.

       Templo de San Juan                       Chamula

Smith also told of the Mayan people and their defeat by the Spanish conquistadors.  “Many of the people are part of each with physical features of both. There is a unique church in San Juan Chamula where both the Mayan gods and Christianity is recognized. In the community, 99.5% of the population speaks an indigenous Mayan language.

The unusual town enjoys unique autonomous status within Mexico. No outside police or military are allowed in the village.  “It is also unusual,” added Smith, “in that no cameras are allowed.  I have seen cameras confiscated and people marched out of town.”

There are three presentations of the five-part series remaining that will celebrate South Africa, Turtle Island and CANADIAN Weather.

Doors at the BCM&CC open at 10:00 a.m. for coffee and treats.  Purchase tickets by calling 519-797-2080 or drop into the Museum Visitor Services Reception.

  • March 13 – John Swatridge, Beautiful South Africa
  • March 27 – David Chapman, Celebrating Canadian Weather
  • April 10 –  Mark Zelinkski, Turtle Island

Series Tickets: Members $32 (+HST)     Public $47 (+HST)

Individual Ticket: Members $10 (+HST)     Public $14 (+HST)

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