Adventurous Foodies – Flip Flops and Fishsauce

In Search of the Best Bowl of Chowder
Chowder…..a bowl of creamy goodness filled with potatoes, celery, clams, and assorted seafood. The base should be a broth made up of clam that spend the day relaxing and just simmering away on the stove…..a hot tub party for seafood.

Being on the west coast, we decided to try a much chowder as possible in search of what would be known as “F.F. & F.S. Gold Medal Chowder”.

We slurped chowder from fine dining to street vendors in search of the best, the one that had all the components of what in our opinion makes the best chowder…….The Four C’s. Chunky, Creamy, Chewy, and of course Clammy!

The Contenders ( in order of belly filling and all in Calafornia)
1. The Sea Grill (fine dining), Eureka
2. The Seascape (mom and pop restaurant), Trinidad
3. The Franciscan (fine dining), Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco
4. Fisherman’s Grotto (street food….they do have a restaurant also), Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco
5. Boudin’s (bakery….not the fine dining section), Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco