Alex Ruff MP: Parliamentary Budget Officer calculates GST on Liberal Carbon Tax

Alex Ruff, Member of Parliament for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound issued the following statement regarding the 23 January 2024 Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) Costing Note titled: Eliminating the Goods and Services Tax in respect of carbon pricing.[1]

Alex Ruff

“Back in the Fall, it was an honour to table my first Bill in the House of Commons. Bill C-358 removes the GST from the Liberal carbon tax, simply put, this bill removes a tax from a tax. After eight years of this Liberal government, Canadians are feeling the financial pinch due to this compounding tax which increases the price of fuel, food, and home heating. Canadians deserve more common sense, and this Liberal government’s tax on a tax does not fit the bill.

“With the PBO’s recently published costing note, we now have a clearer picture of how much Bill C-358 could save taxpayers. If Bill C-358 was to be passed today, Canadian taxpayers would save $486 million this coming year and $6.23 billion over the next eight years. With the Liberal government failing to meet a single GHG emission target, it’s clear that the carbon tax is not an environmental plan, it’s a tax plan. However, the Liberals taking hundreds of millions of dollars more out of taxpayers’ pockets with this tax on the tax, it is just robbery.

“The good news for Canadians is come next federal election, they can elect a common-sense Conservative government who will axe the Liberal carbon tax for good. Axe the Tax!”