All Candidates Meeting October 5th: CANCELLED

After much deliberation, we regrettably announce we are logistically not able to host the upcoming meeting due to Bylaw and Mission mandate conflicts recently brought to our attention after a comprehensive examination of Saugeen Shores Chamber directives.

As many of our community are aware, in years past, we hosted the All-Candidates Meeting, running it like a town hall meeting.  Unfortunately, that no longer fits with our members’ driven business model.  Since the mutually agreed removal of the tourism component was returned to Town control, our bylaws are no longer the same as in the past.

We rely solely on our members’ contributions to exist; this public event no longer fits that model and as such, we are forced to make this public announcement at this time.

We will continue to serve our members working in cooperation with municipal, provincial, and federal government and be there supporting our 400+ paid members.

Advocacy is an important part of our initiatives, and we look forward to serving our members and our business community as effectively in the future.


The Executive Board
Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce