An old partner gets a second life as public art

As with all living things, the giant maple began to slowly die but its owner had another idea.

Instead of having the old tree cut entirely and removed, Mary Gross on Upper St. in Port Elgin saw the possibility of creating an outdoor art sculpture and, by way of chance, found the name of an artist on facebook and contacted Colt Covington in Lucknow.

Carver Colt Covington – for larger view, Click on Image

Covington has created many tree carvings and when he saw the 23 foot tall maple remnant, he knew he could give it another life.  “I know this sounds strange,” says Huston, “but when I look at a tree like this, I see what it can become and how it can have another life. I see the different forms that it holds and it can be a very spiritual sensation.”

In consultation with owner Mary Gross, Covington discovered that favourites of the family were Cardinals and sunflowers among others that will all be incorporated into the sculpture.






While tree carving is a passion, Covington also creates textured 3-D drywall ‘murals’. “On an ordinary drywall wall, I create whatever an owner wants such as a mountain scene, a river valley – whatever it is that the owner wants in their living space.”

“As with any living thing, a tree caring has to be cared,” adds Covington.  “Every four years or so it should be sprayed with a mixture of linseed oil and mineral spirits to help preserve the beauty of the wood but other than that Mother Nature will help age it.”

         Huston working to create                          Mrs. Cardinal


The maple sculpture will take approximately a week to complete … stay tuned for the final unveiling.