Anglers receive donation to continue Spring Creek restoration

The Hepworth Anglers Club thanks Kodey Buchanan for donating $1,000 towards the purchase of a flow meter for Dr. James Hamilton.  Kodey is a unique innovative fundraiser, creating the Steeldreams Fishing Tournaments and donating the proceeds to local fishery organizations including various charities.
Dr. Hamilton is researching the Hepworth Karst Drainage System, that creates Spring Creek and which is recognized as an important natural migratory fish hatchery benefitting the trout/salmon fishery in the Sauble River/Lake Huron.  The flow meter will be used in conjunction with Dr. Hamilton’s monitoring stations on Spring Creek and offsite on water flows to various sink holes, all of which will contribute to Spring Creek’s important role and continuance of its natural features into the future.
The Spring Creek Restoration Project now in its eighth year, continued with the addition of 79 tonnes of angular spawning stone that was used to create another spawning area and enhance other spawning areas in Spring Creek.
In 2021, summer students Julia Elliot ( U of Guelph) and Dominic Fleming (Wilfrid Laurier) assisted with Dr. Hamilton’s monitoring activities, including working on ongoing Spring Creek maintenance such as cleaning spawning areas, installing/cleaning aeration diffusers, enhancing natural aeration features, performing fish counts, etc.
“Again, the Hepworth Anglers Club thanks Kodey for his one-of-a-kind effort in giving back and benefitting the fisheries/local charities,” said Bill Nafziger of the Hepworth Anglers Club.