Approval of proposed beach development is appalling says reader

To the Editor:

I am appalled that Saugeen Shores council would approve of such an idea as the CCV for the beach.

Patios at $15.00 for a glass of wine and stores with imported items that only Bruce Power workers can afford?

We moved away a couple of years ago just before COVID but, when in town, managers and staff at our favourite places to dine told of the horror of trying to find staff and staff said that people couldn’t afford to live in town.

Lord Elgin restaurant is for sale and Pizza Delight is doing take out only.

Oh, the building boom is stunning but to steal the beach from ‘Joe local’, to prevent those who need a break and having the dear old beach, is horrific.

I have long been angry that the large pay-cheque Bruce Power workers get deals on mobile phones from Rogers and lower insurance premiums but, now, the town steals the beach, the simple local Wednesday flea market and the two old-time restaurants with real gooood food … well, such a shame!

Jacquie Beale