Are positive symbols of hope being lost?

A rainbow is a symbol of hope and the end of turbulence when it comes to weather and, when it comes to humanity, it should mean the same thing.

I guess one thinks that their community is always one above some others where people appear to be a ‘monkey see, monkey do’.

Unfortunately, it appears that Saugeen Shores is not exempt.

The recently completed ‘rainbow crosswalk’ at Saugeen District Senior School (SDSS) was to be a symbol of how the community accepts diversity, accepts inclusivity and accepts civility.

It would appear however, that there are those who are of another mind. They are those who have little to no respect for others, no respect for property, no mindfulness of the lifestyles of others.

At sometime on the weekend of August 29 -30 (2020), a driver, or drivers, tried to display ‘power’ through defacing the ‘rainbow crosswalk’ at SDSS with a ‘burn-out’ of tire tracks.

News to the driver(s) – this is not a display of power – it is a display of cowardice and bigotry.

It also appears that the mindset of south of the border is creeping here.  Canadians have always been seen worldwide as kind, caring and, polite if nothing else.  So, when did we begin to lose this … or did it ever exist?  I think it did

This example of a ‘little’ mind taking an action that rails against our community and society is indicative of the way the world is turning.

Aren’t we better than this?  I would hope so.