Southampton Art Gallery honours artist for her contributions

There was a recent excerpt on CBC radio (Feb. 27/19) that said artists are often not recognized until at least 40 years or more after their death.

Fortunately, in Southampton (Saugeen Shores), that rule does not apply for the Southampton Art Gallery – particularly when it comes to an artist who has contributed to the artistic community of the area, Peri Jolley.  Many fellow artists and fans gathered on Wednesday (Feb. 27th) to pay tribute to Jolley.

The Gallery that was co-founded by renowned artist Bert Henderson and others, it has become a gallery of renown that works in combination with the Southampton Art School.

                                             Artist Sharon Barfoot gave a tribute to fellow artist Peri Jolley (L)Jolley has been a renowned artist of Southampton and has continued to contribute to every artistic event in the community from the Shoreline Artists annual summer art tour to ‘Art on the Fence’ and many more.

Her artistic style has changed and evolved over the years as she has worked in a variety of mediums and she still continues to create.

The Southampton Art Gallery has undertaken recognition of living artists who have contributed to the world of art.

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