Beach and Harbour Rules in Saugeen Shores

Recently officers have received several complaints originating from the harbour and beach areas in Saugeen Shores.

Groups of youths have been observed swimming in the boat channel leading to Lake Huron from the Port Elgin Harbour. The channel is narrow and can be heavily navigated by vessels at times, making this a dangerous place for anyone to swim. The area is well signed making it clear to any would be bathers that swimming is prohibited. Fishing is also not allowed in the Port Elgin Harbour area.

Our members have also come across or have received complaints concerning people barbequing and consuming alcohol on the beach. Having a BBQ is prohibited on all Saugeen Shores community beaches. Using a charcoal BBQ is permitted in designated areas.

Open liquor is prohibited anywhere outside of a residence, private place or licenced establishment or area in Ontario. Therefore the consumption and possession of open liquor on the beach or any other public area in Saugeen Shores is prohibited.

Another common call our officers respond to is the use of fireworks on the beach. The use of fireworks in any public area in Saugeen Shores is prohibited. Certain exemptions exist for designated holidays, however these exemption only pertains to private residences.

Officers will be assigned to proactively patrol these areas to ensure compliance. Violators could face enforcement action under municipal by-laws, Liquor Licence Act and Trespass to Property Act.

These rules and laws are in place to ensure everyone’s lawful and safe enjoyment of the best Saugeen Shores has to offer.