Beach decisions will have future ramifications says reader

Dear Editor, Mayor and councilors:

The beach is a mess. Revitalization needs to be done – but not at the expense of limiting access to the natural gift bequeathed to us. The decisions made this month will have generations long repercussions- and be a lasting reflection on the current Council.

I read the posts that people wrote lamenting “past years lost” and their “fabulous” memories of a “casino” on the beach— of midnight dances and “things to do.”

And then I giggle at the writings of these SAME people poo-pooing the idea of having a “meeting hall” on the beach on other sites. Did they forget their youth? Did they forget what they wrote earlier on the other site?

Something needs to be done, however, to be clear— I do NOT think this proposal is the right one. IMO, Council should mandate that all new buildings be confined to the footprint as provided by the property established by Messers Hess / Waring / Jackman and Ferguson. The Harbourlite and the Tuck Shop should be grandfathered in to any future development— there will come a time when these establishments need to be replaced— the current caretakers should not be forced out. However when the time comes to rebuild, they, too, should be confined to the footprint of their current establishment.

All new buildings should be built so they front (or back) onto Harbour street, keeping the beach AHEAD of them.

Revitalize the beach. It NEEDS to be done. Build a “new” casino- create new memories for the next generation—eliminate the “weed gardens” that the last council put on the beach— encourage activity on the beach!

If these restrictions are not to the liking of the current investors, there will come a time when the next developers will see the benefit to investing on the beach and still keep the beach and the sunset the priority.

To me? This current proposal is akin to the rude, selfish, arrogant and inconsiderate tourist that plants his umbrella at the water’s edge, blocking the view of those that were already enjoying the view.

Let’s make the right decision- not jump at the first proposal.

Sincerely, Jeff Smith