Beach work continues despite anxious times

To the Editor:

Despite the Worries of the CoVid19 Virus, the work at Port Elgin beach continues.
Concern #1
The clearing of the mini-putt and train station are well underway. Although it was great to see the clean-up of the beach finally begin, it was very sad to see the big poplar trees come down and I question whether this was really necessary.  Could they not have worked around the trees or waited to see if they could have become an integrated part of the design?
Concern #2-
At the March 10th Council Meeting, John Mann was denied a chance to speak at Open Forum because he had spoken regarding the Waterfront in the last six months. We support John in his fight. If a citizen comes to the Committee of the Whole meeting and is one of the first five people who has signed in at the podium, he or she should  be able to speak for 3 minutes at the open forum on any topic of concern in Saugeen Shores. We do not believe that the bylaw for delegations applies to open forum.,
Concern #3
At the January 13th Committee of the Whole, and at the September 3 Public Forum, investors in the Cedar Crescent Village, and some of their employees, were allowed to speak in favour of the CCV. Not only did they speak in favour, but they did not identify themselves as investors, or reveal their connection to the project before speaking.  This is totally inappropriate in my opinion. It should not happen again with this or any other project or development being discussed at a Town meeting.  It is a conflict of interest.
We must stand up for the democratic process in our local government.
Patricia Corrigan-Frank
Port Elgin Beach Preservers