Bearama Seals The Deal With Eastlink

Louigi Salvati, Regional Director of Sales and Marketing at Eastlink Telecommunications, shakes the paw of Bearama and pledges to donate $1500 to help the 2024 Rotary Winterama campaign.

These donations help pay for program incentives, prizes, CanadaHelps administration fees and the cost of events. After eight days, the 2024 Winterama program has already raised $12,300 online for local schools and more money is coming in via paper pledges.

Pledges to Winterama students will be used to build play equipment in their school yards, provide an accessible swing for children with disabilities, improve outdoor activity opportunities and to strengthen school nutrition programs.

Winterama participants skate, ski, sled, walk, run and do other movement activities to earn kilometres, which they log on a database designed by Nuclear Promise X (NPX). The combined kilometres in each school take the students on a cross-Canada journey along Terry Fox’s and Steve Fonyo’s route.

As of Thursday, February 8th, some schools were already over half-way across Canada, with G.C. Huston currently leading the charge at 5781 kms, putting them between Winnipeg and Regina. Northport is at 4743 kms and is almost at the spot where Terry Fox had to end his marathon of hope, near Thunder Bay.

All money pledged to students goes directly to their school’s projects, through Rotary Winterama.