Best Choice for Gran Fondo Change a Life Challenge

Kathy Coverdale, owner of Best Choice Haircutters in Port Elgin and her team of 13 members have accepted the Gran Fondo Lake Huron Change A Life Challenge. The team’s goal is to raise $10,000 this summer.

(L-R) Pat O’Connor, Tracy Murray (Foundation Exec. Dir.) owner Kathy Coverdale and Gerry Galbraith

Kathy quit smoking in April and has been on a mission to get fit and encourage others to do the same. Kathy selects a winner from her team every month and gives them a fit bit to encourage them to keep up with their fitness goals and to fundraise.

Even with the struggles of not being able to open her shop due to covid restrictions Kathy has a smile on her face and determination in her heart. She says she is on a mission to touch as many lives as possible in her community. “You have a choice. Make a difference and change a life”.

Which is just what Kathy and her team plan to do this summer as they walk their way to their goal of $10,000 in the Gran Fondo Lake Huron Change A Life Challenge. Kathy was hoping to be able to donate tips left by clients at her shop but, since she has been unable to open her shop due to the lockdown, she is hoping people will donate to their team online in order to help them reach their goal. Kathy and her team join other local businesses who have taken on the challenge this summer.

Super 8 Motel in Port Elgin was the first to launch a public challenge encouraging other local businesses to meet or beat their goal of walking the distance across Ontario this summer and raising $5,000. Southampton Foodland then answered the Super 8 challenge last week by committing to walking/jogging/biking the distance from Southampton ON to Southampton New York and raising $5,000. Kathy and her team are the next business to come forward and answer the challenge and encourage other businesses, clubs or groups to do the same.

Event ends August 15th. Participate from anywhere.

Register for free today or donate to/or join the Best Choice Haircutters team

Great prizes to be won while you help raise funds for the purchase of new ECG machines and a ventilator.