Big election changes in Arran-Elderslie

It will be a big change for residents of Arran-Elderslie who now have a new mayor and new faces at its Council table.

Steve Hammell, the new Mayor elect, defeated incumbent mayor Paul Eagleson by a resounding 1,681 votes to 796, while incumbent Deputy Mayor Mark Davis was re-elected with 1640 votes defeating the only other candidate, John Alpaugh. (795).

Brian Dudgeon, Elderslie Councilor, also held on to his seat with 215 votes defeating Melissa Barrett (189 votes).

In Tara, Councilor Peter Steinacker was ousted by Ryan Grieg, again by a slim margin of 295 to 257.

Chesley Ward race was very tight but incumbent Councilor Doug Bell held on to his seat by a slim margin with 370 votes, only 28 more than Chris Stephen (352).

Paisley also decided it was time for change, voting for newcomer Melissa Kanmacher with 283 votes against incumbent Dan Kerr with 125.

Ryan Nickason, Arran Ward Councillor,was acclaimed.