BPSA teaches archery – a growing sport in Canada

The first event of the Youth and Adult archery season launches May 7th at 6:00 p.m. at the Bruce Peninsula Sportsmen’s Association (BPSA) compound west of Wiarton.

Archery is a growing sport in Canada especially among young people. It is an accessible sport that allows youth of all ages and athletic ability to take part. It has proven to grow self-esteem and encourage school attendance.

Sparks from the Wiarton Girl Guides Unit recently paid a visit to BPSA where they tried out archery. This program is a good example of how BPSA manages to engage with young
people to encourage them to develop a love for outdoor pursuits.
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photos by Kat McCulloch – BPSA Media Relations

BPSA provides all the required gear for the youth part of the program. Adults may also try our equipment to determine which type and size of bow they would like to buy. The BPSA Archery Team will offer the use of the club’s recurve bows and arrows for members who don’t have equipment.

As part of the program, families may try archery for two nights at a rate of $10.00 per archer. If, after that, you feel you would enjoy the program, you are required to join BPSA and the BPSA Archery Program.

On orientation night Tuesday May 7th, full details of the BPSA Archery Program will be explained. We do not prepare archers for competitions, however, in the fall BPSA holds an in-house 3-D Tournament and Potluck for members.

Archery Adult fee is $40: Family $65: Youth $15. The BPSA GENERAL MEMBERSHIP FORM 2024 is required for participation and can be found on our web site.  Simply fill it out and email it to bpsportsmen@gmail.com and then follow up with an e-transfer for payment. For more on the archery program, visit the BPSA site:  https://bpsportsmen.com/archery-club-activites/

BPSA Archery runs every Tuesday weather permitting and Orientation night May 7th will go ahead rain or shine.

About the BPSA:  The Bruce Peninsula Sportsmen’s Association is a 300-member conservation group established in the 1960s to enhance and protect fish and wildlife. The club boasts fish stocking, stream rehabilitation, tree planting, invasive species awareness, and youth and adult firearms safety programs. Club meetings are held on the last Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm at the BPSA clubhouse on North Acres Road west of Wiarton.