Breaking News: Southampton loses exciting global opportunity

photo by Sandy Lindsay

In May, Bruce Power and the County of Bruce partnered to establish the Ontario Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII) as an international centre of excellence for applied research and training.

The NII presents a unique opportunity for the region to be a global host for innovative technologies, while also linking to local elementary and secondary schools, post-secondary institutions, and training centres, to provide the next generation of innovators with exciting educational, career and learning opportunities close to home.

When the project was launched, it was announced that an addition to the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre in Southampton was the preferred location, in order to take advantage of the expansion of the Archives. A commitment was also made that a dialogue and consultation would occur with the public on this location.

Unfortunately, public debate over this location was distracting from this incredibly exciting opportunity for our region, and, in order for this to be successful, we need to have the support of the host community.

Thus, Ontario’s Nuclear Innovation Institute will not be located adjacent to the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre, and further site selection will continue in 2019, following appropriate siting considerations. Bruce Power recognizes the value the Museum has to the region and the company will continue to support its programs.

In the interim, while a site is being chosen and constructed, a temporary headquarters for the Institute will be established at the offices of the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries, at 625 Goderich St., Port Elgin starting in January 2019. This office, which also houses the Indigenous Relations Supplier Network, will allow the Institute to begin its work, while also serving as a public information centre.

Since the NII was launched in May, a number of global companies have expressed a strong desire to partner in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, cyber-security, medical and industrial isotopes, Indigenous economic development, nuclear operational excellence, and health and environmental excellence in the Lake Huron and Georgian Bay areas. It is critical we demonstrate to these companies that the Institute is supported, regardless of the location.

Next week, Bruce Power will provide more information on how the NII will support students at our local schools. It’s critical we ensure our youth have access to the best educational and career opportunities, and the Institute will provide the connections that will allow our future leaders to pursue their dreams.

Bruce Power is a company that values its positive role in the community. Advancing Ontario’s Nuclear Innovation Institute in Bruce County builds on this commitment, as we leverage the many strengths of our nuclear industry and supply chain, much of which is now based in the region.

Bruce Power and Bruce County have a long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship, and we remain committed to advancing both our partnership and this project.

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