Brews and Bites a popular Museum event

Once again, the¬†popular ‚ÄúBrews & Bites: A Guided Beer Tasting‚ÄĚ event held at the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre on Thursday, October 4th was completely sold out.

                                                                                              Sold-out event

 Christy Kelly of IG Wealth Management

The event, for the hops enthusiasts to discover and sample various beers by craft brewery Nickel Brook Brewing Company from Burlington, was a definite hit.¬† Founded in 2005, the brewer has taken the lead from its motto ‚ÄúBeer, Down to a Science‚ÄĚ to place it number seven in Ontario out of 267 craft breweries.

The event was sponsored by Christy Kelly of IG Wealth Management, financial specialists.



(L) Matt Gibson and Scott Blundon of Nickel Brew Co.

In 2016, Nickel Brook transformed its original Burlington brewery into the Funk Lab, a facility dedicatedsolely to small-batch funk and sour beers. According to its corporate website, Nickel Brook is now ” … the largest of its kind in Canada where we strive to be industry leaders in exploring how unique yeast and bacteria strains can elevate craft beer to new heights of flavour. ¬†We also boast a massive barreling program, aging beer in over 400 whisky and wine barrels, evoking further depth and complexity. Through all of these channels and techniques, Nickel Brook has crafted a reputation as one of the most exciting breweries in the country.”

Throughout the evening, attendees had the opportunity to sample a variety of brews paired with delicious appetizers by ‚ÄėThe Milk Maid‚Äô, while comparing and learning about the subtleties in brew flavour.

(L) Volunteer Nancy White, Adrienne Mason Museum Program Coordinator,                       Scott Blundon of Nickel Brook and volunteer Stuart Nutt
  Alice and Howie McLaren support many                           Museum events
¬† ¬† Dan Murawsky listens¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†attentively to ‘smell the¬† ¬† ¬†bouquet’ before drinking

The next popular Fall tasting event is ‘A Taste of Scotland’ – the 7th annual event in the Museum’s Spirit Tasting series on November 16th.¬† With everything you wanted to know about scotch, this is one of the Museum’s most popular events that sells out in record time.¬† To order your tickets to ensure a space at this limited-seating event, call 519-797-2080.