Bruce County Announces Partnership with Ryerson University

Bruce County is now offering Entrepreneur Opportunity Network (EON) programming through a partnership with Ryerson University. The partnership gives local entrepreneurs the opportunity to access Ryerson training, resources and networking opportunities until March 31, 2021.

Over the last 10 years, Ryerson has developed an award winning and internationally recognized entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem; EON gives entrepreneurs in partner communities across Ontario access to this network through three programs:
1. EON Training Program, which provides customized information, based on the individual
needs of an entrepreneur, limiting the time required to find opportunities and resources;
2. EON Incubator Program, which provides entrepreneurs with access to virtual networks and
resources; and
3. EON Accelerator Program, a four-month training program for entrepreneurs, aged 15 -29.
“Bruce County is extremely excited to offer EON to local entrepreneurs,” says Kara Van Myall,
Director of Planning & Development. “This partnership brings Ryerson’s entrepreneurial expertise to
Bruce County and will foster regional economic development.”

EON programs will be delivered through Business to Bruce, Bruce County’s business development
program. Interested entrepreneurs are encouraged to reach out to Business to Bruce to access EON.
Applications for the inaugural EON Accelerator program will be accepted until February 22, 2019.

For more information about EON and the partnership with Ryerson University, please call 1-800-268-
3838 or email