Bruce County Council responds to Investigator’s report

On Thursday, February 4th, Bruce County’s Executive Committee approved the Staff Report of the December 31, 2020 Closed Meeting Investigator’s Report.

This approval included re-endorsement of the recommendation that Council participate in “Closed Session Best Practices” training annually, which was previously endorsed in early 2020.

A training session for members of Council and County staff entitled “Closed Session Best Practices” was held on February 13, 2020. Bruce County has made changes in its policies, practices, and procedures and has taken other steps to enhance accountability and transparency with respect to closed meetings in response to previous findings and recommendations.

Bruce County Council and Staff acknowledges their highest responsibility is to provide good governance for all stakeholders in an accountable and transparent manner.

County Staff have been directed by Council to review all closed committee meetings from the past five years. A report on this will go to the Executive Committee when complete in March or April and will be shared with the public.