Bruce County creates new Government Relations Department

Bruce County has created a new Government Relations Department as a key piece in the County’s organizational restructuring and strategic planning.

The mandate of the Government Relations Department is to support Council and staff to define and deliver on its mandate to serve the citizens of Bruce County. It does this through a series of a strategic activities including:

  • Providing secretariate support for achieving the goals of the strategic plan
  • Leadership of government and external relations management
  • Leadership of strategic communications and issues management
  • Management of intergovernmental initiatives
  • Governance and project management advisory support

“As a maturing local government, the County is committed to enhancing and growing meaningful governmental relations with federal, provincial, regional, and local governments, community partners, and municipal associations,” says CAO Christine MacDonald. “Doing so enables the County to influence key government decision-making, including policies and funding that impact the County, and advance the County’s vision as a thriving, innovative, and future-ready community.”

Current Employment Services Manager, Aaron Stauch, will become Bruce County’s Director of Government Relations, effective April 8, 2024. Aaron Stauch is an experienced leader with expertise in partnership development and the delivery and system stewardship of government funded programs. Aaron has led the Employment Service System for Bruce, Grey, Huron, and Perth since July 2022. He has also served in senior management roles with multiple provincial ministries. Aaron holds a Master of Environmental Studies and a Master of Business Administration.

“I am very pleased to offer congratulations to Aaron Stauch, our new Director of Government Relations, who will strategically engage in governmental relations to advance our local priorities,” said Warden Chris Peabody.