Bruce County Playhouse: presents Charlotte’s Web the musical – a story of friendship and loss


                                 The cast – for larger view, Click on Image

Charlotte’s Web, the Musical, is at the very least a challenging production.

Most of the actors have to take on the persona of animals, the music constantly changes key which is a challenge for any performer and there is extensive dialogue to be learned.

In the current Bruce County Playhouse production, the two complete casts have achieved all of that thanks to the direction, musical direction and production by the volunteers and the hard work of the actors.

Artistic Director, Natalie Robitaille, say that, “This production is made up of a lot of ‘firsts’ – a first time for many auditioning, a first time performing on stage and first time singing in front of people.  I takes a lot of courage to do something for the first time especially in front of an audience.”

The play is a lesson in many facets of life … friendship, adapting to change, courage, the commitment to others and the finality of life.

It is the story of how those who are very different can become friends … in this story – Wilbur the pig and Charlotte a spider. It is also a story that elicits empathy, sympathy and compassion.

       Unusual friends – a pig and a spider

It is also a play that should be seen by those seven years of age and up as it leads to the final end of life and, the themes of friendship and loss can bring tears to the eyes of both children and adults.

In her first production with the Bruce County Playhouse, Director Christine Mensher, said that she has been very impressed with the passion and dedication of everyone involved. “Everyone has volunteered and given more than 100 hours of their time over the last few months to bring this show together.”

              (L) Director Christine Mensher gives directions to the actors – for larger view click on image

No production ever happens without those behind the scenes, and Charlotte’s Web is no exception.  Marilyn Grahame designed the unique set with the help of parents and volunteers who helped build and paint and sew costumes; producer, Patty Underwood, musical director Erin milley-Patey, Pianist Christina Edwards, costumes Leslie Turcotte, stage manager Catherine Thomas/Samantha Colwell-Castles and Asah Hamann & Breanne Alexander for props … it takes a team to create a work of theatre production.

The play is a must-see and is entering its final schedule this week, see the image below. Tickets are available at Turtle Crossing in Port Elgin and at