Bruce County to modernize & streamline services with provincial grant

Bruce County has received $300,000 from Ontario’s Municipal Modernization Program for the project Modernization and Streamlining of Development Applications and Transportation Solutions.

The funding will be used to:

1) Investigate and implement a technological solution for the Planning & Economic Development and Transportation Services Departments to automate manual processes; drive data-led decisions; support business processes, information flow, and reporting; and improve and expedite customer experiences; and

2) Review and implement best practices to streamline local development approval processes and modernize the local permitting system.

“Bruce County staff are continuously innovating to deliver government services more efficiently,” says Bruce County Warden Mitch Twolan. “As the County continues to grow, it is increasingly important to utilize technology to modernize and streamline services.”

Kara Van Myall, Bruce County’s Director of Planning & Economic Development says, “this project will impact the future of growth and development in Bruce County through the new Bruce County Official Plan – coming in 2021.”

Miguel Pelletier, Director of Transportation & Environmental Services adds that, “This project enables enhancements to the customer experience using technology and guidance from industry best practices.”

The Modernization and Streamlining of Development Applications and Transportation Solutions project is anticipated to be completed by September 2020.