Bruce Power decision to pull out of project, too hasty says reader

Re: “Vocal protesters should be ashamed of what they’ve done…”, Nov. 18, 2018

Please allow me to fully endorse the rational thoughts conveyed by Marcy Berzaire in her response to Southampton losing out on consideration for the location of a proposed Nuclear Energy Innovation Institute. Equally commendable were previous Letters to the Editor from Mayor Elect Luke Charbonneau, Mike Sterling and Jim Reid, leaving one with little else to contribute. 
The vocal (whistle-blowing) narcissistic, misled self-interests of a minority has once again discouraged positive development initiative in the Town of Southampton. The sad reality in all of this is the fact that a good 90 per cent of the aforementioned vocal minority protesting this opportunity, will be dead in the next 10-15 years, if not sooner.
Regardless of one’s side on this needlessly contentious issue, Saugeen Shores can, and will, be the hub of perhaps the fastest growing North American industry and it behooves the citizens of this no-longer-sleepy lakeside community to get on board with associated growth and development — and all that goes along with it.
In all fairness and however justified, I do feel that Bruce Power’s decision to pull out of the Southampton proposal was a bit hasty (i.e. “That’ll show them…!). Surely, from a public relations standpoint and past experience, objections to location of the institute on hallowed ground(?) next to the museum were to be expected and strategy developed accordingly.
There is every reason to believe that creation of a “campus” in conjunction with the museum was a natural vision and if commitment was strong enough on the part of Bruce Power, there would be room for negotiation and consultation that would in the end alleviate public concerns.  In retrospect, a toned-down version of the slightly ominus architectural drawing for the proposed institute would have been advisable, as would be consideration of a somewhat premature release that gave rise to horror in the minds of those lacking sufficient vision.
I urge everyone to re-read recent Saugeen Times “Letters to the Editor” on this subject and to take action necessary to let all and sundry know the wishes of the majority who want to see Saugeen Shores, and Southampton in particular, keep in step with imminent growth in the next 20 years. Like it or not, Saugeen Shores will be Ontario’s newest city by the year 2050, thanks to the nuclear industry that is putting us on the map…and all the while dragging along a few kicking and screaming individuals and souls from the grave.
~~ Dick Wright