Bruce Power leverages its emergency response logistics to support communities

Bruce Power is working with regional leaders and public health officials to leverage its emergency response logistics support capabilities in the event that additional community capacity is required for responding to the burden from the COVID-19 outbreak.

This initiative was first announced in a news release from the Grey-Bruce Health Unit on April 6 and focuses on enabling a ‘surge’ capacity of up to 200 beds in Grey, Bruce and Huron that could be deployed by regional officials. Bruce Power has been sourcing and ordering supplies such as beds, dividers, linens, mattresses along with services including laundry, food and cleaning.

“We would rather have supported these preparations and sourced the materials and not need them than find ourselves in a situation where our communities need them on short notice and they cannot be secured,” said James Scongack, Bruce Power’s Executive Vice-President of Corporate Affairs and Operational Services. “This is simply good planning so we can prepare for the surge that experts predict could take place within the next couple of weeks.”

Critical care will continue to be delivered at area hospitals while the recovery centres could be used to provide additional patient support, including non-critical overflow patients who may be returning to long-term care or retirement facilities when the pandemic is over.

“While we all need to support planning for contingencies, the best thing we can do is take actions now as individuals and as a community, putting into action all of the prevention guidance available to stop and slow the spread of COVID-19. This will save lives and we need to act now,” added Scongack.

This initiative is a cooperative effort of municipal and county governments, supported by public health, regional hospitals and local service clubs. Any communications and guidance on activation of these facilities will be directed by regional officials.