Bruce Power should answer to the entire community not just a few says reader

To the Editor:

Here we go again.  I have been following this situation closely having lived in Southampton for many years.  I feel Bruce Power should re-consider this entire matter. 

The overwhelming support by the community through community letters and petitions, has shown that the few who spoke previously against the proposed Innovation Institute are definitely NOT the majority, who are in support.

As the major employer of the area, it behooves Bruce Power to listen to the ‘entire’ community … not just to a few who are well-known in the community in that are anti-EVERYTHING that changes ‘their’ ideal of the “quaint cottage” community that exists and, more importantly, that they are afraid will reflect on their property values.

Like it or not …. the location adjacent to the cultural gem of Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre is ideal for this type of facility, completing a campus atmosphere of learning.  When the the Museum was expanded to include the name “…. and Cultural Centre”, it was done with a vision – a vision that would change the ‘stuffy, old’  museum vision into one of interactive activities that would draw youth and ensure the survival of the Museum and this has been an unbelievable success.

As such, the Museum has become a hub of educational programming that includes Medieval history, art, indigenous culture and other programs that meet the Ontario school curriculum.

To expand this facility into the future for the youth is something that we cannot let a few naysayers defeat.

Once again, it also behooves Bruce Power to re-think this decision.  This is about an entire community … a community that is, in fact. showing not only their acceptance but their enthusiasm and support for this exceptional opportunity to become an world hub of excellence.

Those who are the majority and in support are saying that Bruce Power, IF it is in support of the entire community, should listen to and be willing to support,  that community and not “kow-tow” to the very few objectors.

Louise Hearne