Bruce Shrine receives helping hand to help others

The Bruce Shriners received a helping hand from the Power Workers Union (PWU), so that they can go on helping others.

Bruce Shriners receive donation (L-R) Kevin McKay, Larry Alderdice (PWU), Chuck Stuckey, Frank Eagleson, Jim Hudvagner, Bruce Schoettler, Gerald Higgins, Terry Mills, Ron MacClennan, Jack Cumming and Jim Kline

PWU presented a donation of $20,000 on July 20th that will go toward the purchase of a very special new van.

The current vehicle (pictured) is simply an extended Ford van which, although it has been adequate, is not up to par for the Shriners’ needs of transporting children to the Shriners’ Hospital in Montreal.  It is a 2007 that was purchased second-hand in 2010 and, therefore, is now a 10 year-old vehicle.

“We need a vehicle that is accessible with a centre aisle and a raised roof,” says Shriner Frank Eagleson. “We transport children with special needs and, therefore, we need to be able to carry wheelchairs and be able to get them in and out of the van easily and ensure their comfort for the trip.”

All fundraising by the Shriners goes to the support of hospitals and fundraising for a vehicle is completely separate from that along with the maintenance that is done by  Montgomery Ford of Kincardine and Lucknow.

According to the Shriners, there are several families with children in the area that require transporting to Montreal, including three in Tiverton and others in the area.  If there is inclement winter weather, the patients are taken to Guelph or Kitchener where they are then put on the train to Montreal.

“The Power Workers Union and the Society of Professional Engineers have been extremely supportive,” adds Eagleson, “and we hope to be able to purchase a new vehicle by next fall (2018).  We are the first club to have this type of unit to support patients that have to be transported to Montreal.