Butterfly Gardens launch new book for young readers

Avery and Fernando … two names that are bound to make an impression in Saugeen Shores.  

They are brother and sister Monarchs who are the creation of the Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores (BGOSS), a group dedicated to the revival of the endangered Monarch Butterfly.

Founded in 2014 by Kerry Jarvis and Melitta Smole, the group has planted over 4,000 plants vital to the Monarch in pods throughout the community and works tirelessly to educate about the plight of the Monarch.

Kerry Jarvis, Melitta Smole and Barb Willner, creators of Caterpillar Corner

Barb Willner (R) and Melitta Smole with the new Caterpillar Corner book

Now, with the help of Bruce Power, they have created the Caterpillar Corner Activity Book to encourage children “to discover our world by exploring nature first hand”. 

The book was written by Barb Willner, Melitta Smole and Kerry Jarvis, who also took the photos.

Avery and Fernando lead young readers through the Caterpillar Corner explaining things like the entire lifecycle of the butterfly, the plants that Monarchs need to survive and their quest to reach Mexico, all in a fun but educational way.

The centre of the book is a delightful local map of the various pods.  “We really wanted to keep the book local,” said Kerry Jarvis, “and this map does that and also encourages young readers and their families to visit the pods that have been planted.”

The book is filled with a variety of entertaining activities such as a scavenger hunt, pictures to be coloured, puzzle, quizzes  and more.

Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores also launched its Collector’s Post Card Edition #5. Each year BGOSS releases two post cards for the public to enjoy. The new ‘Caterpillar Corner’ logo is premiered on the latest post card. This adorable logo was designed by Stacey Hill of Bruce Power and depicts a pair of Monarch caterpillars on top of a milkweed leaf. The tagline is, “Discover Our World.”

Also, at the Southampton flag on High Street at pod S-6 is the “Nature “little free” Library. This unique, one-of-a-kind library specializes in North American nature books for all age groups to enjoy.

The book and collector postcards are available at the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre, Library branches and Chamber of Commerce offices in Port Elgin and Southampton. 

For more information, visit www.butterflygardensofss.ca