Canada Day 2021 a time of reflection and remembrance

Canada Day 2021 was not a time for celebration and the mammoth flag in Southampton flew at half-mast, all as a somber reminder and in remembrance of the indigenous children lost at residential schools.

In an earlier media release during the week, Saugeen Shores Mayor Luke Charbonneau said that the town was forgoing celebrations this year but had decided to proceed with the Explore the Shores ‘Canada Rocks’ rock painting event. Participants were asked however to consider painting their rocks in honour of the children of residential schools. Several hand-painted stones were laid throughout the day in remembrance around the pond garden area at the big flag.

While there were no fireworks, choral singing or speeches this year, the Big Flag area known as Dominion Look-0ut, still saw many visitors congregate at the popular spot at the bottom of High Street overlooking Lake Huron on this July 1st, 2021.

Ferdinand and Bethy Agro with sons Luke and Alec                                  were visiting from Guelph