Canada Lifesaving – SSLC: winning isn’t always about medals

International Life Saving Federation (ILS) organizes Lifesaving World Championships every two years. The Lifesaving World Championships 2022 (LWC 2022) were held in Riccione, Italy from September 21st to October 2nd.

Canada sent its largest delegation at 110 including a volunteer management team, a chef de mission, three coaches and two managers who supported the Canadian national team.

There were 23 national team athletes who competed in the Open (16 years and older) and Youth (15 to 18 years) categories, including three from Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club (SSLC), Eithan Alpsugh, Aurora Jacobi and Jie-Lynn Barrett.

The three athletes had to raise funds in order to participate and came up with the unusual ‘Flamingo’ concept that added the fun in FUNdraising.

Parent Jane Barrett who accompanied the athletes said at the time that, ” As a parent here in Italy watching these games, I cannot say how incredibly proud I am of our Canadian Team. To see their names or “Canada” on these billboards makes me feel like it’s all a dream. These kids are working so hard and competing against some teams who are government funded and can bring in professional or olympic athletes even for one race. Some countries swam right through Covid missing minimal pool or beach time and some countries, like Australia and New Zealand, swim in the ocean all year long.”

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Barrett added, “Unfortunately, I know our kids have said on the beach that there has been grabbing under water. One of our girls told me she was bear-hugged and pulled under and the swimmer went right over her.   Team Canada you are literally the best! You play fair and square!  You make me so proud! You are all winners each and every one of you and so are our coaches! Thanks for being here and representing our country!”

Australia continued its number one ranking and came out the medal winner in the competition with 40 medals out of 128.

Canada will host the next Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth championships in September, 2023 in Windsor, Ontario