Canada Summer Jobs program now open

Larry Miller, Member of Parliament for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, is encouraging all local employers to apply for funding through the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) program to create youth employment during the summer of 2019. The application period is now open and will remain open until January 25th, 2019.


The CSJ program provides wage subsidies to employers from not-for-profit organizations, the public sector, and private sector organizations with 50 or fewer full-time employees to create summer employment opportunities for youth aged 15 to 30 years. In previous years, the program required these opportunities to be filled by students who would be returning to school after the summer. This year, the Government has removed that requirement to allow all youth between 15 and 30 to be eligible to fill
these positions.

In 2018, the Government politicized this program by forcing applicants to sign an “attestation” stating that they agreed with several values and beliefs held by this Government. Fortunately, after months of pressure from the opposition and groups that were deemed ineligible, the Government has indicated that they have removed the attestation requirement. It should be noted that nine employers in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound were rejected for funding in 2018 for refusing to sign the attestation.

“I strongly encourage all local employers to apply for funding through the Canada Summer Jobs program. The benefits from this program are incredible. Youth in the area get a chance to work over the summer, build their resumes and save up for school or towards their future while local employers receive wage support and energetic employees,” said Miller. “This is why I was so disappointed last year to see the Government politicize this program with their ‘values test’ attestation. It is my hope that
all local employers looking for support will receive it this year.”

For more information please visit; Canada Summer Jobs .