Canadian Tire Jumpstart funding will impact students for a decade

It’s exciting news for SDSS!  Once again, Mowbray’s Canadian Tire and Jumpstart have stepped in to ensure that youth have the opportunity to take part in a sports program.

(Far L) Principal Melissa McEwan, (4th L) Teacher Keith Day (Far R:) Eric Cartiledge, Mike and Eleanor Mowbray

On Friday, March 22nd, Mike and Eleanor Mowbray and Jumpstart Charity Representative Eric Cartiledge, dropped by Saugeen District Secondary School (SDSS) to see first-hand the Nordic ski packages that the Jumpstart program funding provided.

The Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charity has awarded SDSS with a grant of $16,300 to buy the Nordic (cross country) ski gear. The gear will be used by physical education classes as well as students interested in the competitive SDSS Nordic ski team that is lead and coached by teacher, Keith Day.

All skis bear the Jumpstart insignia

“This is a huge deal and the gear purchased will be able to support the ski program for more than a decade,” said Day.   “I am very excited to be able to facilitate the building of ski gear for the school population that will last well past ten years!”

“In today’s economic climate,” adds Day, “it is very rare to be able to make capital investments in sports gear for students to use. I am so excited with the support provided by the Jumpstart charity. This program is not a one-off program but will impact students for more than a decade. This great investment in developing an interest in sport for life in youth from all backgrounds in our community is very much appreciated.”

Mark McNeill, SDSS Head of Physical Education, adds that having access to a full class set of cross country ski gear is an excellent opportunity for the students to experience the sport.  “We are super keen to introduce a ski unit for all of our students to experience and enjoy, regardless of their background or previous experiences. The idea of being able to create a competitive Nordic ski team from the school population is an excellent addition to our school, especially with the hurdle of gear now removed.”

“Our family has worked hard but is also very fortunate,” says Eleanor Mowbray.  “There are families out there, for whatever reason, that cannot give their children the chance to take part in ‘extra’ activities and  ‘Jump Start’ is our way of helping.  This fund is used entirely for the children in our community and youth in our schools.  If there is a family or school having difficulty in helping young people take part in organized sports, Jump Start can help.  It is a program that is near and dear to our hearts.”

Parent Nancy Kuhl said that, in previous years, her family had to either borrow equipment or rent to give their son the opportunity to experience Nordic skiing.  “We chose to rent, at a cost of $350 for the season and that’s a significant amount of money to pay out of pocket for any family.   Funding the ski program will not only help our family, but remove barriers for other young people who wish to try the sport and, hopefully, it will help grow the team over the next few years. For us personally, skiing has been a great activity for our son. It helps him stay physically fit and the sport gives him an outlet when he is feeling stressed. Skiing allows him to feel proud of his physical fitness abilities. In addition to the physical benefits of the sport, socially, he has made new friends with fellow skiers at school and at the local ski club.”

Melissa McEwen, Principal of SDSS, said that she is very excited to see students from a variety of backgrounds having access to ski equipment in order to enjoy this recreational and competitive sport.   “Whenever we are able to provide students with an opportunity to experience a recreational activity that could lead to a lifelong hobby, passion or interest, it is rewarding.  It is fantastic that, with this donation, we are able to provide students in all physical education classes with an opportunity to learn more about this sport using safe and up-to-date equipment. I appreciate the commitment to education and physical literacy that the Jumpstart program has demonstrated and am thankful, on behalf of the school community, that our students benefit from Jumpstart’s generosity.”

Eleanor Mowbray says a family simply has to call the store in Port Elgin (519-832-6995), or drop in and talk directly to herself and Mike.  “This is entirely anonymous,” she adds.  “In many instances, we don’t even meet the family.  Also, the funds are available for each child not just a sum for the family.  We believe that giving youth the chance to participate in extra-curricula activities promotes quality of life for everyone.i”






According to Eleanor Mowbray, a family simply has to call the store [519.832.6995] or drop in and talk directly to the owners.  “This can be entirely anonymous,” adds Mowbray.  “In many instances, we don’t even meet the family.  Also, the funds are available for each child not just a sum for the family.”