Cardboard boat races a big weekend hit

There was a brisk wind and cloudy skies, but that didn’t deter the almost 2,000 people from attending the Marine Heritage Festival cardboard boat races on Saturday, July 28th (2018).

                               Spectators lined the waterfront in both directions to watch the races
      Watchers bundled up against the cold offshore wind

More than 50 boats were entered in the races that had to battle a rolling Lake Huron.  There was every shape and size and many that capsized.  Captain Wayne Sparrow aided would-be sailors in the water and said that “… the water was warmer than the air”.

                                                       Boats of every description
… where he stayed most of the time!


Captain Wayne Sparrow heads into the water ….
Captain Wayne Sparrow helped guide the crew aboard the Watermelon
        Chantry Island Cham-bettes always ‘dress for the occasion’!


                 and they won the Peoples’ Choice Award

Liam Robertson won the coveted 2018 Trophy for fastest record