A Senior Moment: ‘Us and Them’

“---we have a national identity, we are proud of it, you come into this country you have to integrate, you have to learn our...

A Senior Moment: ‘The Other’

Along with several grade two classmates, I would eagerly escape our public elementary school promptly at 3:30. Once off the property on one particular afternoon,...

A Senior Moment: ‘The Other Kennedy’

June 5th will mark the 50th anniversary of the violent death of Bobby Kennedy, a presidential candidate felled by Sirhan Sirhan’s bullet at the...

A Senior Moment: ‘Who Am I?’

Earlier this month I found myself back in high school. It was just after Mental Health Week in Ontario and I had been invited...

A Senior Moment: ‘A Perfect Gift’

It’s not that I never appreciated having breakfast in bed on Father’s Day. Other years, I happily accepted those carefully chosen ties or socks....

New Perspectives : A Senior Moment – “THE LAST HAYRAH”

Could an old man really replay a long ago wrestling match with a bale of hay? It had been 35 years since I last...

New Perspectives: A Senior Moment – “NORMAL-LESS”

They tell us this is the “new normal.”  I don’t like the term. Currently, there is precious little that is “normal” about life across...

A Ministerial Message: SouthPort Pentecostal Church


A Ministerial Message: Faith Lutheran Church Port Elgin


A Ministerial Message: Central Grey Bruce Cooperative Ministry


A Ministerial Message: Faith Lutheran Church Port Elgin


A Ministerial Message: SouthPort Pentecostal Church


A Ministerial Message: Port Elgin United Church