CFUW SOUTHPORT – Motherhood in the days of Pandemic by Dr. Andrea O’Reilly

During the pandemic of COVID-19, CFUW Southport members continue to explore advocacy for women and children.

Dr. Andrea O’Reilly, Professor at York University in the Faculty of Women’s Studies, spoke to members via Zoom about her research project on how mother’s paid work has been impacted by COVID-19. “Research is beginning to suggest that mothers may be reducing their work hours or leaving paid work completely with childcare, camps, schooling closed indefinitely.”

Women are being edged out of the workforce.

Even in a pandemic, most of the care and nurturing activities for families is assumed by mothers. While meeting the needs of their children and partners, mothers are experiencing increasing stress which may result in long term problems.

Dr. O’Reilly offered two resources: Web page ‘Mothers and COVID-19’ at and a new Facebook site for mothers to share support.