CFUW suffragettes launch their ‘Grandma asked me to just vote’ campaign

Five women were seen dressed like suffragettes and handing out cards Saturday in Southampton, encouraging people to vote in the June 2nd provincial election.

The women are members of the Southport chapter of the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) and they were promoting the club’s “Grandma Asked Me to Just Vote” campaign.

L-R Gabrielle Di Francesco, Frances Barrick, Kathryn Forsyth, Heather Wallace

As a non-partisan group, the women were not endorsing any one candidate or political party.

Armed with banners, the women handed out cards saying, “the daughters and granddaughters of suffragettes are asking their children and grandchildren to vote.”

“The response was great,” said participant Frances Barrick. “Motorists honked their horns and pedestrians stopped to chat.”

“Women fought to get the vote and men and women fought in wars to protect our freedoms,” Barrick said. “The least we can do is to vote in honour of the lives lost to keep our democracies, a battle currently going on in Ukraine.”

The suffragettes plan to campaign again in the fall for the municipal election in October.