CFUW supports women in education

The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) is a non-partisan, voluntary, self-funded organization that works to improve the status of women and to promote human rights, public education, social justice, and peace.

Each year, CFUW Southport awards scholarships to women to help them pursue post-secondary studies and, on Wednesday, September 12th, three local women were recognized for their return to studies.  Since its inception in 1990, CFUW Southport has awarded over $40,000 in scholarships to women.

CFUW Scholarship Committee  (L-R) Fran Barrick, Cheryl Grace, Cathy Spence, Jane Kramer, Ruthanne Erwin, Kathy Armstrong and Sandie Primeau
  (L-R) Student Cheyenne Fortune, co-chair Jane Kramer, student Ivon                       Saldana, co-chair Sandie Primeau and student Shelby Caswell

Ivon Saldana, Shelby Caswell and Cheyenne Fortune have all made the decision to return to school as mature students in a field of study that appeals to each of them.

Student Scholarship Recipients Ivon Saldana (L), Cheyenne Fortune and Shelby Caswell

Ivon Saldana, realizing the need for skilled trades, made the decision to study to become a Welding Technician.  “This is an awesome opportunity,” says Saldana, who works during the day at the Municipality of Kincardine and attends Fanshawe classes in the evening in Tiverton.  “I hope to become a Bruce Power employee once I’m certified as a Welding Technician.”

Shelby Caswell, who lives near Walkerton, also attends Fanshawe classes in Food Services.  “My mother is a PSW but I knew that wasn’t for me.  I did want to help people in some way so I wanted to go into Food Services so that I could work in a retirement facility with seniors.”  According to Caswell, the in-depth course teaches nutrition, health and safety and everything about food management.  The three-year course is made up of seven modules but, since June, she has been working at Revera’s Pinecrest Manor in Lucknow.  “I am so lucky to be able to get a job already in the field that I want and I just recently became engaged so, life is good.”

Cheyenne Fortune is a very determined young woman.  Having left high school early and now with a seven-year-old daughter, she returned to get her Gr. 12 accreditation and is now enrolled in the Fanshawe College PSW program (Personal Support Worker).  “It’s a two-year program,” says Fortune, “but I am trying to complete it in eight months.  It’s a lot of work and tests but it will be worth it.”  Fortune wants to hopefully work with children and her goal is to work at Sick Kids Hospital in London.