Cham-bettes Christmas Home Tour 2022: The Southampton Inn

#1 – The Southampton Inn
118 High Street, Southampton

We are not your typical Hotel or Motel. We are a family-run Boutique Inn. Sara and Kevin have loved and vacationed in the Southampton area for over 20 years. First introduced to the area by Sara’s best friend and now Inn Keeper Colleen, they fell in love with the area instantly. When the Inn came up for sale Sara & Kevin immediately fell in love with the history and charm of the building and decided to make the leap.

They are all now excited to help build on the traditions of the Inn that so many customers have become accustomed to and bring some fresh and exciting ideas for making your experience in Southampton exceptional.

Located at 118 High Street, it was originally built by Captain Donald “Dan” McAulay, whose parents immigrated from the Isle of Lewis, in Scotland. Dan, whose father drowned off the Fishing Islands when Dan was seven, became a successful mariner and owner of three work tugboats named after his three children. The McAulays hosted many social gatherings in this spacious elegant home, including meetings of The Sons of Scotland, who danced the Highland Fling. (Source: Hilborn’s Guide to Old Southampton, pp. 84-85.)

The building has a plaque on it with ‘1896 Captain Dan McAulay, Mariner’. We have learned that the building has had many personalities; the McAulays’ home, The Linton Inn & Steakhouse, The Linton Inn, Chantry House and The Southampton Inn. Clearly the Inn has transformed through generations.

The Inn has once again been refreshed and rebranded this year with the official opening in May 2022. The new logo has been designed with a Key – representing unlocking not just the rooms but unlocking the wonderful adventures this area has to offer. The key has a sun in it representing the amazing sunsets, a flower to represent the expansive gardens at The Inn, and you’ll notice ‘1896’ in the logo representing the year the building was built. The interior has been refreshed with a “Modern Farmhouse meets Cottage Core” vibe and has been designed to respect all the heritage of the building as well as create a soft elegant feel for guests.


“We can’t wait to host the amazing Christmas Tour of Homes this year and have everyone get a chance to experience the heritage and beauty of this building,” says owners Sara and Kevin.

Inn Owners: Sara Onyschuk & Kevin Smith
Decorator: Kerri McLean, Interior Motives

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All proceeds to the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation